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Healthy eating

What are the first things that come into a lot of people’s minds when they think of Indian food? Hot, spicy, oily, fatty and not good for you if you are watching your weight.

Indian food although hugely popular in this country is very misunderstood and it is our mission to re-educate people’s understanding:

  • Indian food has taken the delicate art of blending spices and honing it to perfection.
  • Our Indian food includes a wide selection of vegetables and fruit cooked in a multitude of ways that helps retain their freshness and nutrients.
  • Our Indian cooking almost always uses fresh ingredients and involves making dishes from scratch - this means no preservatives and healthier food.
  • Our food uses spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, green chillies, all of which have medicinal and healing properties.
  • Traditional Indian meals have carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre - all the elements you need to make a balanced meal.

Popular misconceptions about Indian food:

All Indian Food is hot and spicy - Not true!

Whilst spices are used they are not what makes the food spicy. As for chillies (which add heat to the dish) they are a matter of preference and can easily be omitted.  Not all Indian dishes contain lots of different spices. Years of culinary expertise have allowed us to create dishes where the main ingredient is enhanced with just one spice.

Just ask us and we will prepare your dish just the way you like it

Indian food is unhealthy - This too is untrue.

There are a host of dishes that are prepared by roasting, steaming, grilling and boiling. A wide range of vegetables are used and are prepared in inventive ways so they taste differently from other methods of cooking. We use fresh produce and prepare dishes from scratch, this is the traditional way and spares your body from the effects of preservatives that are loaded into a lot of other foods.

Indian food is diet busting - Again not true!

By making the right choices (and our staff can help you) there are a wide range of delicious dishes can be part of a diet.

As a quick guide you should try and avoid creamy sweet curries such as korma, passanda or massala.

Healthier options are most tandoori dishes and the majority of our curries with chicken, fish or vegetables.

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